Habrás de ir a la guerra que empieza hoy

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© Marta Pina

“A mi querido hermano Manolo, con la añoranza de los años y la distancia”.
This handwritten dedication in an origami handbook entitled Papirozoo, which Pablo Fidalgo Lareo finds on a bookshelf at home, is the beginning of Habrás de ir a la guerra que empieza hoy (‘You’ll be in the war that begins today’). The beginning of a process of reconstruction of the history of Pablo’s family and of Spain. The beginning of an encounter with the fascinating figure of his great-uncle Giordano Lareo: imprisoned during the civil war, exiled after escaping execution, teacher, translator, treasurer of the Republic in exile, inventor of a sofa-bed, and author of the first origami handbook in Argentina. Giordano is brought to life in a performance that is both a first meeting and the last dance. Argentina, the land of exile, becomes the place where we prepare for war, safeguard our ideas, and adjust our eyes to the infinite landscape that will accompany us to the end.


Written and directed by Pablo Fidalgo LareoHabrás de ir a la guerra que empieza hoy
Performed by Cláudio da Silva
Lighting design Jose Álvaro Correia
Sound Coolgate (aka João Galante) Piano Ásia Rosa
Technician Nuno Figueira
Artistic and production assistant Amalia Area
Production and Touring Carla Nobre Sousa/Materiais Diversos
Coproduced by Teatro Municipal Maria Matos (Lisbon), Festival TNT (Terrassa), Festival BAD (Bilbao), Festival de Otoño a Primavera (Madrid)
Support Espaço Alkantara (Lisboa)
Presentions in Portugal are supported by Mostra Espanha 2015

© Marta Pina

Acknowledgements: Nené Lareo, Patricia Cerviño Lareo, Polo Madueño, Archivo Histórico Municipal Adolfo Carlos Oroz (Municipalidad de Puerto Santa Cruz, Argentina), Arquivo da Emigración Galega, Comisión Recuperación Memoria Histórica A Coruña.



Festival Chantiers d’Europe, Paris – 6 May
Centro de artes de Sever do Vouga, Portugal – 11 November
Festival de Almada, Lisbon – 19 November


Festival Escena Abierta, Burgos – 16 and 17 January
Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Madrid – 26 – 28 May
Festival Materiais Diversos, Minde – 23 September


TNT, Terrassa (premiere) – 1 October
Teatro Rivoli, Porto – 3 October
Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, Lisboa – 7-10 October
Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Coimbra – 14 October
Festival Verão Azul, Lagos – 23 October
Festival BAD, Bilbao – 26 October

Contact for professionals

Amalia Area
skype: amaliaarea


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